Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life is pretty fantastic when you're 2 - birthday roundup

Don't you just LOVE the way Son spreads dandelion seeds so we'll have even more to enjoy in the future? blah.

He was pretty interested in watching the NCAA tournament with Husband. Basketball seems to be his favorite sport of the moment.

I can't even begin to tell you how happy this picture makes me. I don't even care that Daughter is wearing a pair of her flood jeans and her hair looks like a bird lives in it. Or that Son is sucking those fingers. It's an amazing, perfect picture.

Son's cake. I thought Husband did a great job baking, building and decorating Blue. Daughter said it was an octopus and never really changed her mind on the subject.

Poor buddy. We had his party right after nap time. And he wasn't really awake or into it yet.

Daughter claimed Blue's tongue.

He asked for and got the nose.

He perked up and started "hiding" in the hall and waiting for us to ask where he was. Then he'd burst through the streamers and laugh and laugh and laugh.

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