Saturday, June 25, 2011

Treat from the garden, kind of

Daughter's Husky Cherry Red is the early super producer in the garden. I picked these on Tuesday. Everyday she has at least two ready to be picked.

The bad news? Daughter doesn't really like tomatoes. She loves watering and checking on her plant and she gets REALLY excited when we spot new fruit. But she doesn't like to pick them OR eat them!

Son and I have been enjoying a couple of tomatoes a day!

ALSO, we've had our first red Juliet!


TL said...

jeaaaaaalooooouuuus! beautiful!

Jennifer said...

I think Lily has one of those in the square she's claimed as her garden. It's the only thing that's produced so far. 2 to eat and 2 the squirrles ate!

Mandy Mc said...

YAY for tomatoes!!!

Sorry you didn't get to run in the 5K on Saturday, but YAY for your practice 5K going so well. It is SO hot right now so I'm just proud you've continued running. My next training schedule starts July 3.