Sunday, June 12, 2011

Top Three in the Garden

Instead of boring you with a picture of EVERY plant in my garden, here are my top three favorites for the day.

4 of the Rutgers tomatoes. All these plants are doing well and I'm waiting for some ripening.

My first cucumber of the season. There are about 4 more smaller ones too. I'm waiting for it to fill out and "green up." It won't be long until we can have garden grown tzitziki.

The store bought Juliets exploded this week. I counted 40 green tomatoes on the 4 plants this morning. (In the picture there's a bunch at the top and at the bottom) The ones I started from seeds are all blooms with a couple of little tomatoes forming.
My main gardening issue lately is the lack of rain. We haven't had any rain at our house in about 3.5 weeks. And I've got about 2 days of stored water left before I have to decide if I'm going to turn on the hose pipe for water or wait for rain. (sigh) But otherwise it's all looking super and in a week or so I'll share another Top Three.

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