Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The 5k That Wasn't

Saturday was supposed to be my June 5k. I was going to race to the courthouse. Instead, I raced home and got in bed.

Starting Wednesday, the whole family took turns being a little sickly. Son, then Daughter, then me and lastly Husband (his always seems to last the longest). But I was sick Thursday night and spent most of the day Friday trying to feel better. I stayed hydrated and really felt like I could still run on Saturday.

I woke up Saturday morning and got dressed and ready to go. I was a little bummed that I was going by myself, but Husband was still sick and definitely in no condition to watch the kids while I ran. On the way, I actually had to stop because I got sick. boo.

But I kept driving. Went to pick up my (very) cool race shirt and goody bag and went home. And got in bed. And felt horrible. I really wanted to run.

The only consolation was that I ran a practice 5k on Wednesday and felt really good about it and had a good time (all while pushing the double stroller) So, I felt like Saturday would have been even better. oh, well.

On to preparing for July's 5k.

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