Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June Second Sewing Saturday

This month, JSS (her post actually shows us modeling our purses) and I finished our pleated purses.

I was really excited to get it finished and it was the first time I ever used an X-acto knife. win, win.

I now know how to iron in fusible interfacing, make pleats, sew and cut the bottom corners to give bags volume, and sew in straps. Plus, I may or may not be a better fabric cutter and pattern reader than I was before I started. And, well, I have a cute new purse.

the outside

the inside with some of my junk to give it a little shape
I really like this bag. It's a great size and pretty easy to make. (I only admitted it was easy after I said it was hard and JSS asked what was hard about it and I couldn't think of anything substantial) It was a process figuring out what the pattern meant, but I like it. I'm planning on making at least one more for my mom. Maybe more. we'll see.


Pamela said...

I really like that! Are you thinking of making them to sell??

Christy Ross said...

well, the writer of the pattern has a disclaimer about not selling bags made from the patter. So I think I'll stick to giving them as gifts. Let me know if you want to pick out some fabric and I'll whip you one up.

TL said...


Pamela said...

That sounds like a plan. I really do like.... maybe for my birthday. :)