Monday, June 20, 2011

a Father's Day 5k

Husband ran his first 5k of the season on Saturday. And he did well. Not as great as he wanted to do, but still respectable (under 31 minutes). His playlist wasn't in order, there was NO WATER on the course and it was pretty hilly. But he did great. I'm always so proud to see him come into view at the finish line. I cheer and cheer and can usually get the kids to at least clap and shout out one "GO DADDY" This time I got so excited cheering that I didn't even take a picture at the finish line. eh. oh well.

The race was at Oak Mountain State Park and started and ended at the beach. I was glad about that because it gave the kids and I something to do while we waiting the 25-ish minutes for him to show up again!

Before the race.

family photo before the race.

the kids running to the beach

their first steps

respecting the boundary I put in place: DO NOT GET YOUR CLOTHES WET

Also respecting the boundary

still respecting the boundary with rolled up shorts

completely disregarding the boundary.
I'm not even going to tell you how much sand were in the pockets of those shorts!

Husband talking to his running buddy after the race.
We went back down to the beach again for about 30 more minutes before the kids changed clothes and we were off to our next destination.

P.S. My favorite part of Saturday was when Husband and I went to V.Richards for lunch and Frank Sinatra singing Nice and Easy started playing and he asked me to dance. It was nice, esp dressed in funeral clothes.