Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Date and a Quilt

Husband and I are going to see the Alabama Symphony Orchestra perform a free concert in Railroad Park tonight. They are performing four Tchaikovsky pieces and I'm pretty excited. I haven't been to hear the ASO in over FIVE years. (former band member here ... doesn't show too much, does it?)

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to make a deadline and finish at least one of the wonky log cabin quilts for us to sit on during the concert.

So, I got busy. And on Tuesday afternoon I finished Husband's quilt.

testing it out

holding it up for a full view

a view of the back. I quilted in the ditch, so the "wonkiness" of the front would translate to the back as well. The black bed sheet really worked out well and for $5, you can't beat that!
I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The back crinkled a little more than the front, but hopefully with a couple of more washings it'll even out and the front will look more crinkly too.

In terms of the binding, all the mug rug practice really paid off. And me taking my time and not being afraid to break out the seam ripper and redoing something didn't hurt! JSS gave me a few tips last month and that really helped too. My corners aren't fabulous perfect pieces of mini art, but I'm proud of them and they definitely look much better than when I started.

I still have mine (or the grey) one to finish. Hopefully soon.

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Andrea said...

Ok, seriously...I wish I lived near you so you could teach me how to make all these fabulous quilts. I'm jealous!!