Monday, June 13, 2011

Another McWane Visit (with Friends)

Friday we enjoyed a trip to McWane with friends. It's fun to watch 3 toddlers play (mostly) together and discover and investigate.

I can't remember where I put our 3 orange tickets. Maybe I'll edit later if I find them. (Added bonus of our membership that I didn't know about -- my guests get free parking in the deck too. That's a $5 savings)

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Tanya Ott said...

Looks like fun!

We waited too long to get our McWane membership and by the time we did the kids were so old they were kinda ho-hum about it. Well, all except the movies ... which they still love.

That said, Olivia and Hannah love their annual girl scout sleepover at McWane. It's a highlight of the year!