Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back to McWane

We had a super long visit to McWane Sunday, thanks to the new exhibits that opened the day before. Most of the new things were up on the third floor, so we started there.

First we stopped at the Imagination Playground. The kids built and built. (and played in that big fort that two tween girls were just finishing up when we arrived)

They helped carry the pieces and I put it together. around and around and around.

While the kids were building, Husband wandered around to check out the new stuff and got to ride the zip-line. Later, neither kid wanted to ride it and I had on a skirt.

Next, we went to the Maze.

Daughter, figuring it out

Son on one of the Play Well exhibits. His exercise was a "silly dance"

By far the biggest hit of the day: The Energy Slide is open (FOR THE ENTIRE SUMMER) The minimum height is 36 inches tall. Luckily, both kids were tall enough. They've both been eyeing the slide that starts on the 3rd level and ends on the second since April.

One of Daughter's 12 trips down

One of Son's 3 trips down

MY favorite new exhibit is the Bubble Room. It's on the 1st Level where the fix-it garage used to be (hated to see that go, because Daughter loved playing with the tools)

Son making bubbles

Husband and Daughter blowing on opposite sides on a bubble

proud of my bubble making skills.

Husband, the bubble maker

Daughter was so proud of her bubbles

The kids love the Just Mice Size Exhibit and that's usually where they spend most of their time. Sunday was no exception. And I was pretty happy to see that all the puzzles, dress up clothes, puppets, blocks and the grocery store (sponsored by Publix) was all moved into one of the classrooms in that exhibit.
Daughter paying for her vegetables.

(btw, Daughter was super stoked that the tickets were pink)
four more tickets (we're up to a total of 12)
And the ticket roundup:
total paid for our membership: $90
price we would have paid for Sunday's trip: $42
total for 12 tickets if we'd paid full price: $126
price per 12 tickets (divided by 90): $7.50


Husband said...

Can't wait to try a half off $ movie Sunday.....Def has been worth the $, and it never gets old watching the kids run, play and discover new things there.

bpeterson said...

Completely trivial, but I wanted you to know you AND your hair look amazing!

Christy Ross said...

compliments are never trivial.

And really? I was thinking of coloring it a little darker after seeing those pictures. It looks a little brassy to me.

Melissa said...

I have to admit, I agree with Brooke. I thought you looked fabulous in that photo! We can't wait for Madison to get old enough to enjoy McWane. We both already love it and know she will, too. We can get a $10 discount off the family membership through my work. That helps a little...

Christy Ross said...

Thanks, Melissa.

$10 off makes the deal even sweeter.

We always parked on the street for free on the weekends when we went, but I'm telling you, the free parking in the deck is so fabulous. I didn't realize I'd enjoy it as much as I am!

Sara-Beth said...

I agree...that picture of you is great.

Christy Ross said...

y'all are all making me feel better and better about my hair. My self-esteem thanks you.

Andrea said...

I agree...LOVE the looks fab!!

We made a trip to Bham a couple weeks ago and went to McWane. We have a membership to the Exploreum here, and they have that whole reciprocal membership thing so we got in McWane free on it!! The top floor was still closed when we were there, but it looks super fun. We might have to make a visit back to go...