Saturday, May 15, 2010

garden update! (with pictures)

This week we had a fantastic breakthrough with the garden. A friend with a garden (or an actual FARM when its size is compared to our garden) offered us some of their leftover seedlings. SCORE. Husband picked up two kinds of tomatoes, japanese eggplant and musk melons.

I must admit, the musk melons were a surprise and I forgot about them. So when I planted everything I thought the tomatoes and eggplants were JUST tomatoes and the musk melons were eggplants. I was so proud I got everything in the ground. I called Husband to tell him I'd finished. He asked where I put the musk melons (bc their vines grow about 10 feet long!)


I couldn't leave about 8 vines that are going to grow about 10 feet long in the garden. They had to be moved to the berry garden. (Which reminds me, I need to get new pumpkins seedlings started. I accidentally pulled up the last one yesterday!) So I carefully dug them up and replanted them with the berries.

This also meant I could move around the tomatoes and eggplants a little so they'd have more breathing/growing room.

I'm so excited. The tomato plants already smell fabulous and they've just started blooming. This gives me a new excitement about the garden.

this is the view from one end of the garden. Onions are at the bottom. The first three squares that look empty actually have the onions that I started from seeds instead of bulbs. they are small, (compared to the bulb ones, but they're growing). Those crazy huge plants in the middle are potatoes.

and this is the view from the opposite end. We'll have to get the cages and stakes out soon.

This is the box formerly known as the strawberry box. They were definitely dead and I needed the space for these plants. I took this picture BEFORE I realized the 8 plants in the front were musk melons and NOT eggplants. After I dug them up, I spread the tomatoes around and planted 6 garlic between them. (add a little basil and we've got our own spaghetti sauce box. sadly, the basil is in the main garden)
I was secretly relieved about having to move 8 plants bc I knew I'd planted things too close together. but I felt bad about the possibility of not being able to get everything in the ground.

My summer manicure. I think the lady said the color was garden dirt. ;-)
I'm still washing dirt out from around my fingernails!
UPDATE: This afternoon I went and bought 3 live and thriving strawberry bushes, 6 basil plants and 2 banana pepper plants. I bought two window boxes for the strawberries and basil. I'm pretty excited about the new additions.


Megan said...

Yay! Your garden looks great :-) I'm running behind/late on my container gardening, but oh well. I'll just enjoy looking at your pictures!

Nicki said...

Very pretty! :D