Tuesday, May 4, 2010

today's top 7 reasons I love ALDI

Remember how much I love Aldi? We got some great deals on Sunday and I wanted to share.

I didn't get this bag Sunday (we've had 2 for months) but I wanted to mention it. It's by far the biggest reusable grocery store bag I've seen. It's more like a beach bag than a grocery sack. And at .99 it's well worth stocking up on.

We got all three of these wines (a Reisling from Germany, a Cabernet Sauvignon from California and a Liebfraumilch from Germany) for $10. Yes, three great bottles of wine for ten bucks.

This was what I was most excited about. I used to be quite addicted to Lorina Pink Sparkling Lemonade. I couldn't drive by World Mart without stopping to pick up at least 1 bottle. But that was a long time ago. It's fabulous but expensive. No longer in the budget. But Aldi has THIS:
It's a BIGGER bottle (1 liter instead of 750ml) and it tastes better, in my opinion. The Aldi version has a more tart lemonade taste where the Lorina was sweeter. AND it was only $2.49! The only downside to the Aldi brand is the screw top instead of the cool old school pop top. It's definitely affordable as a rare occasion treat.

How much have you been spending on avacados lately? Our Wal-Mart has them on 'sale' right now for .74 a piece. (the lowest they get is about .64 in the summer) This winter they got as high as .99. Not ideal for a family who loves guadamole as much as mine OR puts them in salads as much as we do! Aldi has then for .49 a piece. I almost croaked when I saw that! Husband and I were both scrambling to pick out the best ones!!

These are my favorite string cheese sticks. I have no idea how they compare in price to other string cheese sticks because these taste so incredible I don't think that $2.79 is too much to pay. Seriously. It's like I'm eating off a block of fresh mozzerella and not pulling cheese off a stick. Husband takes these in the car for breakfast sometimes. I enjoy a couple a week as an afternoon snack and Daughter loves them anytime.

Finding these on Sunday was a little surreal because we've been buying the organic Target brand for a few months (and eating them very sparingly because I think they cost a lot). Sunday morning, about 6 hours before our Aldi trip, I decided I'd start making our own fruit leathers (it's easy and there will be a blog about that in the future). So finding these, with the same exact ingredients and nutritional information for $1.99 was exciting! The only downside is they only come in strawberry and raspberry and the Target brand has about 6-8 flavors.

I was defnitely excited about this because it's the first WHOLE BEAN COFFEE we've seen at Aldi, until now it's just been ground. bluh. We paid $3.99 for this bag which is cheaper than the Wal-Mart or Sam's club brands we've been buying and much cheaper than the Starbucks brand we used to buy. It tastes great too.
p.s. I'm not sure why I added the other store links ... you can't view groceries on their websites. doh.


Tina said...

I've very jealous you have wine at your Aldi! Very.

Erin Caden Rogers said...

I wish we had an ALDI:( They have one in Florence.....I'll check it out next time I visit my mama!

Anonymous said...

I still haven't had a chance to drink my fab. Pink Lemonade you gave me! I feel guilty opening it up for just ME to drink, so I'm waiting to have a guest to drink it with me--sounds like you need to make a trip to visit! LoL. It's in my fridge asking me to taste it! LoL. Love you girl~Brittney (P.S. can you tell I'm reading all your posts now! haha)