Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Part 2: Pie Lab

I've been wanting to visit Pie Lab in Greensboro for months.

I follow them on twitter.

I like them on facebook.

I visit their website.

I've even read about them in Southern Living. twice. (June is linked, but I can't find the May mention online)

but until yesterday, I have not been there.

Daughter patiently waited for her pie.

pie is $2 a slice (and extra $1 is you want vanilla ice cream) and coffee (or lemonade or tea) is $1.

After careful deliberating, Husband and I decided on one slice of spicy sausage and sweet pepper quiche for our savory (I really wanted to try the spinach and feta quiche too but they JUST put it in the oven when we walked in) For the sweet, we got a strawberry rubarb slice and a chocolate pecan bourbon slice. And washed it down with sweet tea in Mason jars.

Daughter liked the quiche. heck, we all liked the quiche. It would have only been better with more sausage and more red peppers. I almost got another slice.

Husband wolfed down the strawberry rubarb almost entirely on his own. He loved it. (It was pretty fantastic) Son ate pecans.
I ate most of the pecan slice. The filling was great. rich but not too rich. I compare the crust to Husband's pie crust, and pie lab fell a little short. But really, Husband uses butter and lots of it for his crusts. I know they are superior. It didn't taste like whole wheat flour, but maybe wheat germ. The pecan pie crust was more flat and not flaky at all. But the strawberry rubarb was lighter and more flaky -- clearly not the same crusts.

I definitely enjoyed it and want to go back. (without my kids) they didn't have any children's seats which makes it harder to hold on to your kids. I imagine Husband and I could've sat there for two hours talking if not for constantly trying to keep the kids entertained and out of trouble.

And the women working there had on the cutest flower print aprons. I was slightly jealous. I want an apron. I wish I would've asked them where they came from.


Tina said...

if there is any possibility of having said spinach and feta quiche, you're supposed to patiently wait until its done and then devour it. well, at least, that what i would have done. :)

christy ross said...

I considered it. but I was told "at least an hour" without kids, doable. with my wild children ... not so much.