Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Part 4: Galleria Dinner and Carousal

I can't remember the last time I was at The Galleria. I used to do 75% of my clothes shopping there. That was a lifetime ago. Husband and I couldn't even remember if Daughter has ever been there.


Son was tired of being in the car and we still had an hour to go before we were home. We needed a new situation and some food. Husband suggests the food court at The Galleria and we both immediately think of the carousal. I'd never been on it before. Husband didn't remember ever riding it either.

Daughter enjoys her lemonade and chicken nugget from chik-fil-a. She was definitely on information overload at the mall. She must have pointed out two dozen things that she thought deserved our full attention.

Son was more interested in pounding on the table and looking around than he was in his chicken nuggets. He had fun.

the carousal was $2 a ride, but parents rode free with their kids. We decided because Son was too young to enjoy it, I'd ride with Daughter and Husband would take pictures.

She LOVED it!

She waved to her Daddly and anyone else that would look at her. She also loved her giraffe. We ended up picked the only animal that didn't go up and down while going around, but I think that was for the best. one step at a time.

Daughter loves escalators. So of course we had to take a ride up and back down before the headed back to the car.

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