Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jury Duty and Why I Should Get Out More

About a month ago I got a summons to appear for jury duty. I'm not going to lie ... I was excited ... except for the part where Husband would have to take time off work to make sure our children stayed alive, full, safe and entertained. I hate when my schedule inconveniences him ... but he'll be the first person to tell you, Husband getting to stay home from work to be with his children is NOT an inconvenience to him ... it's fun.

Yesterday was the day. I set the alarm for 7:30 (I had to be at the courthouse by 8:30 -- it's so close I could've walked if I wanted to wear sensible shoes).

FIRST let me say, that was probably the first time I've ever had to set the alarm for me in over 6 months. Daughter is usually in charge of waking me up.

I get up, get dressed. I'm ready ... it takes like 15 minutes. so I sit and wait at home so I'm not just sitting and waiting at the courthouse.

It's time to go. I go hang my purse on the front door knob. Daughter knows this is a signal that I am about to leave the house and I'm gathering up my stuff. Daughter asks me if she can go to Wal-Mart with me.


that's where she thought I was going. Apparently that's the only place I go, so of course she assumed that's where I was headed. (I need to get out more ... to places other than Wal-Mart)

I explained to her that Mommy was going to work today and Daddy (or Daddly as she calls him) was going to stay at home with her and Son and they were going to have a super fun day. She looked at me like I'd just said the most ridiculous thing, but only said ok.

I hugged her and kissed her goodbye and asked her to make sure that Son got plenty to eat so he wouldn't be hungry. (on Sunday, Husband and I had a little joke about forgetting to feed Son because he never said he was hungry. Husband laughed because, it was a joke ... we never forget to feed Son) Daughter took this responsibility very seriously.

Husband told me about two separate occasions that she asked for food for Son. She kept telling Husband that he was hungry. She is so sweet to her brother. I love watching them hug and kiss and roll around on the floor tickling. And I especially like it when they hold hands in the car. He's still rear facing and she's forward facing so they can see other at least a little. I love it.

Anyway, back to jury duty. It started out with about 100 people. They were seating one jury for a circuit court case. Over 30 people presented excuses and were all excused. 57 were left. I thought my chances were pretty good, until we were told what the case was about. I knew there would be a question that I would have to answer that would knock me out (where Husband works and what he does at his job).

I was right, I didn't get picked, but I met some pretty funny older ladies and had a good time cutting up with them while we were waiting and waiting (and WAITING). plus I made $10.05 for my day's work (I didn't get dismissed until almost 4:00). The 10 dollars is meant to be to cover expenses like lunch. And the nickel? Well, the State Of Alabama compensates jurors .05 for every mile they drive (round trip) to the courthouse. The circuit court clerk joked that he'd have to round me up to the nearest mile because nickel increments is all they give out.

It was an interesting day. Husband drove Daughter and Son about an hour away on an errand and they got to enjoy one of our favorite parks for awhile. The kids definitely had a great time with Daddly for the day and I know he enjoyed it too.


bpeterson said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to stay, but the story about the kids holding hands in the car is so sweet! I wasn't happy when Matthew came, and I certainly didn't want to hold his hand!

laurensmommy said...

that is so hilarious that ROS thought you were headed to Walmart. I know the feeling.

Sorry you didn't get picked to be on the jury...but glad the kids had fun with Daddly. And very glad that your little boy was fed while you were away! :)