Friday, May 28, 2010

reclaiming the garden

The garden has been overrun with flea beetles. o.v.e.r.r.u.n.

The discovered my three eggplant plants and then moved on to the potatoes.

no. no. and no.

for about a week, I was checking the garden every morning and every evening. smashing the monsters by the dozens. checking every leaf. smash. smash. smash.

but every time I checked the garden, it was like I was never there. there they were, just chomping away on my leaves.

the potatoes. not nearly as eaten up.

one of the still growing and still healthy eggplants ... but with damaged leaves.
damaged leaves.

I consulted the interwebz (lots of options).
and then my new gardening guru (she recommended Sevin dust).
I took her recommendation. I found it at our co-op and headed straight for the wounded leaves. following directions, I lightly sprinkled the dust.

UPDATE: over 48 hours later and not a single flea beetle in sight. Praise the Lord. The eggplant plants look better and healthier already.

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