Tuesday, May 25, 2010

proof I'm not a plant killer

I'm never really seen myself as a horrible gardener who kills every plant she touches ... but you could have knocked me over with a feather last night when I discovered tomatoes.

seven tomatoes in the garden!

These are Juliets. I love how they are all lined up like a family. (lame, yes) There's a bloom at the end that's cut out of the picture, so there may be another little one soon.

These are Stupice.
Two days AFTER I planted them Husband told me that our friends warned that if we wanted to save the seeds for next season, I needed to plant the different varieties at least 10 feet apart. They are next door neighbors. Husband explained because the Juliette was a hybrid, blah blah blah, pollination yada yada yada. Great information that I needed days earlier. Oh well, if cross pollination is the worse thing that happens to our garden this year we'll be doing great.

btw, flea beetles are the worse thing that's happening to our garden right now. I'm working on getting rid of them and I'll update that soon.

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