Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wedesday Part 1: driving in the Black Belt

Wednesday was spent driving. and driving and then there was more driving. The whole family, snacks, drinks and a full diaper bag headed out. This is some of the fun pictures I took while driving.

Nice view from the passenger's seat

wild black eyed Susans (I'm pretty sure that's what they are, anyway)

A bale of hay that has been transformed into my favorite college football team's mascot (He's roaring WAR EAGLE!)

That's a tin man. A HUGE tin man. You can use the bales of hay as a reference point on height.

Memorial honoring the Confederate Dead in Demopolis, Alabama. You see these in old Southern towns. I highly doubt you see them in "Yankee States" We saw 3 other ones in other towns, they all look the same except for the city name. (the frame of the picture cut out the two canons on either side of Johnny Reb. Plus the canon balls stacked up in a pyramid.

Bill Mackey. Brooke and I love him. In fact, most of the pictures I took made me think, "I can't wait until Brooke sees this."

Greensboro encourages Pepsi drinking. Or at least Lyle does.

Greensboro, they are known for catfish.

Daughter nosing around in Greensboro.

Daughter and Blue Bear taking a rest at the Greensboro Court House.

A house in Greensboro that I'd love to renovate and live in until I die. (If they build a Target or Publix next door)

The Judson. unfortunately there was no time to visit. But I did get to see a big old truck parked behind the library.

The Edmund Pettus Bridge. A Pretty big deal in Civil Rights History. Husband and I decided to do a little googling to find out who Mr. Edmund Pettus was. He also has a street in Demopolis named after him.
UPDATE: according to the ever correct (haha) wikipedia, Edmund Winston Pettus was a Confederate brigadier general and later and U.S. Senator. He was born in Limestone County, went to Tuskegee to study law, became a lawyer and judge. He practiced in Selma.


bpeterson said...

Sigh. Posts like these make me miss the South even more! I DO love Bill Mackey and I know exactly where that house is that you want to renovate in Greensbobo. You might have to fight me for it. Apparently a very suspicious fire took place there. Also, TOTALLY know that field where all the crazy tin man stuff is. Used to pass it quite often.... Excited about part deux! Hope it includes Pie Lab!

Tina said...

On the subject of war memorials to that war - yep, we got em. I try not to puke when they're dedicated to the Yankees but its hard to control.

one of the ones around these parts -

christy ross said...

instead of calling it "The War of Northern Aggression" do Yankees calling it "Getting the Rednecks to Obey?"