Monday, May 10, 2010

a garden update

Sorry, no pictures. It's raining outside.

Our garden is doing ok.

things that are doing well:
Swiss chard

things that I'm wishing we would've used different seeds/plants with:
bell pepper
banana peppers

things I have no clue about yet:
the garlic

the lettuce is starting to come up a little, but history and google tells us that lettuce won't last long once the weather gets hot. I'm not sure if I've pruned the basil out thinking it was a weed or not.

And as for the berries:
eh. The strawberries have been a bust. Husband keeps saying "give them one more week before we decide to plant something else there." I'm to that point already. disappointing. I had such high hopes for fresh from the garden strawberries in the freezer for sorbet and in the oven for fruit leather. maybe strawberries from someone ELSE'S garden.

The rest of the berries have been doing great/horrible. The ones we bought at Lowe's? great. The ones we bought at Sam's Club? horrible. Husband says more time on those too. He's much more patient than I am.

I think next year I'd like to grow only onions and potatoes. Those are by far the two things that look the biggest and healthiest. But that's just judging from my above ground view. I can't speak for what's happening in terra firma.


Erin Caden Rogers said...

Do you think that the berries that aren't doing so well just need another year? You know how it takes some plants, like blueberry bushes, it takes a few years to "come on" as my husbands grandparents say....just thinkin' on this! Better luck next time!

christy ross said...

Erin, that's what JPS says about the fruit bushes. He thinks the Lowe's bushes are older and that's why we're seeing them doing more.

I just think I'm impatient. I want berries and I want them NOW! Veruca Salt much?

The Freeman Family said...

We have tried many different methods with the strawberries and we are finally having success with a hanging plant. Strawberries are supposedly better the second year....I wouldn't know because we have not made it that far but our hanging plant from Lowes has already yielded us with 3 good size berries and there are more to come.

Blueberries: yielding much better than last year. Did you get the type that need to cross pollinate?