Monday, July 5, 2010

garden update: musk melons, etc.

this is the garden from Friday evening.

First, my helper. My tomato picker. (mostly red tomatoes) She gets confused about the "babies" sometimes and picks big green ones, because surely if they are big they aren't babies -- regardless of color.

Second, the musk melon. It's a Livingston. And we have 3 of them growing. I'm excited about the prospect of more in the near future. We thought this was the only one, but found 2 more under the vines leaves about an hour later.

The tomato plants are heavy with unripe Juliets. On Sunday I actually made and froze my first batch of tomato sauce from what we have picked over the week. (more on that later)

butternut squash ... I'll stop calling it the "mystery vegetable"

two of the Japanese eggplants. I wish the 4 eggplant plants got more sun ... they are mostly overshadowed by the tomatoes. I'll have to work on better plant placement next year.

The onions. because I don't really talk about them much. We've already been cutting some scallions off, most recently for shrimp and grits and egg rolls.

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