Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunday: Daughter, the chalk version.

We started our July Fourth with bubbles and then moved on to sidewalk chalk. This is the progression of our first creation: Daughter. (Son definitely would not be still long enough for us to make a Chalk Son)

Patiently waiting for me to finish tracing her.

"Come on. Let's color you!"
"oh-tay, Mommy"

blond hair? check
pink lips? check
blue eyes? Daughter put herself in charge of that.

Son decided to add a little orange to Daughter's hair while we worked on the shirt.

apparently, Daughter also thinks she has blue arms.

Son's just not sure about my artistic direction. He needs to think about it before he commits to any more marking.


Son is ready to help again.

The hair still isn't right.

Daughter's chalky feet.
Next, we went in the house, had lunch and naps and started getting ready for Thunder on the Mountain.

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Jennifer said...

Josh and Lily have done this on paper twice already this summer. Lily ran out of things to color and so she made herself black. It's a great project and looks great hanging on the entire side of my refrigerator!