Monday, July 5, 2010

Saturday: Little River Canyon

After the playground we drove to Little River Canyon. Yes, the same Little River Canyon were people have been falling, being seriously injured and even dying. just Google News search "Little River Caynon" if you're interested in details.

It's only 15 miles away from DeSoto State Park and just as fun. And, with proper supervision and common sense, it's a fun place of kids and adults.

Son and Daughter walking down to the falls. If you could see Daughter's face, you would be able to tell she's been crying. She kept telling us she didn't want to go to "wat-rrrr fall, wanna go home." Sorry, kid. You're not the boss. And you'll have fun, I promise.

The falls.

Walking away from the falls to much more shallow and calmer water.
This is about the time Daughter spotted 4 dogs and decided that, indeed, she would have fun.

The first thing Husband, Son and Daughter did was take off their shoes and start wading around. nice. I just reminded myself that the kids still had another change of clothes in the car and it would be ok to play. That was what we came for after all.

Son spent a lot of time like this.

And like this.

Daughter didn't want to get her clothes wet. She watched a lot. She also collected rocks and leaves. She kept asking me to hold them for her. Lucky me. I dressed her in pocketless shorts.

Fun boy.
I still haven't discarded my shoes in favor of wet feet. But I did soon and Daughter and I started our wading and rock climbing fun.

Perched on top of a big rock we just conquered.

dripping wet. Husband said he laughed and laughed.

Daughter watching the swimmers. She kept telling me she didn't want to swim. Also notice all the thumb sucking. She was wearing down.

still splashing. still laughing. couldn't get much wetter than this!

This is when Daughter realized that her wet feet left marks on the dry rock. She kept doing this and counting all her feet marks.


Daughter is sitting by the waterfall.

Son, drenched on the way to the car.

Both kids were asleep before we left the parking lot.

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