Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunday: Thunder on the Mountain

This year we decided to go watch Thunder on the Mountain. I've probably been a dozen times, but Husband (Daughter and Son) has (have) never been. It starts at 9 but viewing areas (any place in the Birmingham area where you have a view of Vulcan) gets crowded hours before.

We got to Homewood Park at 6 and decided to stay as long as the kids were having fun and then we'd decide from there.

Daughter watching Husband push Son in the swing.

the climber.

the other climber.

I was really cramping his style. It's hard to run around when your mom keeps trying to take your picture.

They both enjoyed the spring car.

Daughter left for more climbing and Husband joined Son.

At about 7:30 we left the park and started walking towards downtown Homewood. Husband and I were hoping our favorite ice cream place, So-ho Sweets, would be open. Luckily, it was.

Son and I grabbed an outside table while Husband and Daughter went in to order some treats.

Daughter picked out "purple ice cream" She yelled at Husband when he tried to correct her on the color. She loved it.
He also got a little cup of Nutella ice cream that we shared. It was yummy.
Son and his crazy lactose intolerant stomach enjoyed a peanut butter cookie.

Next, we walked around downtown Homewood and enjoyed their July 4th block party celebration. Daughter never misses an opportunity to dance in public.

At about 8:30 we started heading back toward the park to watch the fireworks, but on the way we found an amazing spot to stop at instead.

We were right in front of Fretted Instruments and Daughter enjoyed hearing the pickers and violin players (she could not be convinced that they were fiddles) while we waited on the fireworks to start.
I had the forethought to bring a glow stick necklace that I bought 1/2 off the day after Halloween. It provided a little entertainment. I also remembered flash lights, which turned out to be a blessing.


Daughter watched the first 3 minutes and the last minute. The rest of the time she spun around and around chanting "fire work b-u-ful"

Son, my patient rock, enjoying the fireworks. He just sat and stared and bugged his eyes at all the appropriate times.


It ended up being a raging success all the way around. We all had so much fun. No tantrums, just fun. On the stroller ride back to the car Daughter kept telling us she wanted to show our cat the fireworks. Poor Gracie, she always misses out on the fireworks.

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