Thursday, July 1, 2010

The incredible shrinking Dogger

I think the Dogger (purchased at CVS) is a fabulous alternative to Crocs. Plus, I got ours when they were buy one get one half off (regular price $7.99) They are soft and flexible and Daughter can put them on "all by self" perfect.

Now, I would not believe this unless it happened in my own car. Last night we we shopping for a Puddle Jumper for Daughter (we're going fishing and swimming Saturday) and while we were getting the kids out of their car seats, I notice, sitting on the back dash, a Dogger.

A curiously small Dogger.

A weirdly small Dogger.

A Dogger smaller than Son's (size 3/4).

It's navy, like Daughter's pair. And then I remember that hers have been in the car for a few days. What I don't remember is how one of them got on the back dash ... with the sun blazing down on it for days.

The mate was in the floor board right under Daughter's car seat .. non shrunk.

So, without further ado ... the shrunken Dogger alongside the regular Dogger.

observe the weirdness.

side by side

the soles, to prove they were in fact the same size.



Jennifer said...

That's crazy. Do you think it's like one of those little animal things that you put in water and they grow huge? Maybe if you soak it she can have 2 shoes that fit again!

The Freeman Family said...

That is strange. I have put the girls crocs and moc-crocs in the dishwasher before without any problems.

Mandy Mc said...

Oh my word! That is crazy! Don't know if any of these codes will still work, but there are some good deals at the crocs outlet right now...

Melissa said...

Freakish! I find that immensely interesting. I am glad you showed us the bottom for proof (as if you would tell a lie.) I guess you can shrink the other one and eventually Finn will grow into them.