Thursday, July 29, 2010

ode to the musk melon

Husband and I have loved watching our Livingston Muskmelons grow and grow. The vines have taken over the "berry area" of the yard and are now climbing along the fence in some places. It's fun to go out and discover little new ones and watch their progress as they grow.

We have about a dozen or so growing. The vines that get the most sun are producing the most, sadly, more are shaded than sunny. But we're not going to cut down 3 trees just for the prospect of more muskmelons!

One growing on the fence

another on the fence

Friday night, Husband noticed that one of our two oldest ones split. Not just a split in the rind, but split all the way down to the core. Ants all in there enjoying the sweet juice. We realized we had to pick it or the ants would get it all! I hated to because it wasn't quite ready. But it turns out it was close enough!

Husband cutting off the rind and removing the seeds.

close up


It was the slightest bit tough, but we think that's because it wasn't quite perfectly ripe yet. It was however so fragrant. wow, did that thing smell good. and so juicy.

I should have gotten a picture of one of the kids chomping down on their pieces. Husband ended up taking it to work, ate it all and is now suggesting we pick the over big one.

It's a hit. I hope they all grow and ripen so we have enough to share. They are fabulous.


Nicki said...

I've never had one, but the photos of those look delicious! How do they compare to cantaloupes and other melons?

Megan said...


christy ross said...

Nicki: a cantaloupe is a type of muskmelon. The livingstons are just a different variety. They're an old heirloom seed we got from a friend.