Monday, July 5, 2010

Saturday: DeSoto State Park

We love visiting De Soto State Park. It's fun now that the kids are young and we're hoping it will be even more fun when they are older and better able to hike. Right now we just stick to swimming, fishing, splashing and climbing.

Don't be fooled by Daughter's independence right here. She spent most of her water time clinging to me and my bathing suit for dear life. (while telling me that she was having fun)

Son is using a different life jacket than Daughter used last year. It fits him better than hers fit her and I think that added to his like of the water. Last summer she screamed and cried in her life jacket. He liked kicking and splashing around.

I always seem to take a picture of this boat house. every trip.

At the bottom of the boat launch. This was Son's favorite spot to crawl around and splash.

Daughter and I trekked to the falls.
Notice, that's her THIRD pair of Doggers this season.

Son discovers.

Daughter climbing back up to the boat launch.

she climbed the rocks and announced this to a motorcycle gang (not pictured). They thought she was pretty cute.

Husband doing a little casting. Because of Daughter's attention span, no one got to fish for any length of time.

Daughter showing me her casting skills that Husband taught her earlier in the day. (notice the murky mud ... that's important later)

I was still snapping away and Daughter was still inching closer to the water. She got stuck in the mud and had a momentary intense freak out. We went back to the boat launch to clean off. She got stuck in the mud almost up to her waist.

Still a little mud on her face. But happy. As I was washing her off she told me, "I not scared of mud anymore, Mommy."

Back in the water. I was proud she wasn't interested in getting in the water without her "shark"

Son was getting tired and was completely satisfied to just sit with Husband.

Back down to the bottom of the boat launch. We did a lot of rock climbing up and down.

Daughter and Husband at the bottom of the boat launch.

The little Dutch boy?

dry, changed and running at the play ground.

He just stopped on the stairs to take a break. Son is a silly pickle.

Daughter climbing.

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Melissa said...

I spy a super cute ponytail on one ROS. I don't recall seeing a photo of her with one before.