Friday, October 7, 2011

Food Day Friday: Easy "Greek" Chicken Soup

Last Saturday, Husband and I whipped up this super fast, super easy, super delicious soup.

We used:
4 chicken breasts
12 cups of water
3 vegetable bullion cubes
4 carrots, diced
onion, diced
small pasta
(the second time we made it we added spinach. celery or fennel would also be fantastic in it)

Husband coated the raw chicken LIBERALLY with Greek seasoning and then browned them in the skillet. 

WHILE, I was dicing the vegetables.  I added the water and bullion cubes in a big pot and once boiling added the vegetables and pasta (I used a half a bag of the small divinci pasta). 

When the chicken was cooked, Husband diced it and threw it in the pot.  Stirred to get all the Greek flavor distributed and it was ready to eat.

Really easy.  You could use chicken or vegetable stock.  We used cubes bc that's what we had.  (And I also used less cubes than the directed 2 cups of water per one cube ... there's a lot of sodium in those cubes!  3 was enough for us.)

The second time we made it, I hand tore 3 big handfuls of baby spinach in.  There wasn't really any taste difference, but Husband and I hypothesized that we at least got some vitamins out of it.

I wanted to add celery but we didn't have it either time we made it.  I think 3 stalks finely diced would go great with the carrots.   Husband disagreed (because he doesn't really like celery and he suggested fennel).

However you make it, it's great. And easy.  

This recipe was enough for Husband and I to eat our fills for dinner and then lunch the next day.
super close up of all the deliciousness, I should have stirred it more so you could see more of the chicken


Mandy Mc said...

This sounds delicious. We'll have to try it soon. Did the little ones eat it?

Christy Ross said...

I have zero patience for how messy my kids are when they eat soup, so they had bowls of just the good stuff and as little broth as I could manage! The both loved it.

Mandy Mc said...

Good to know. Maybe that will work with Cady too. She's getting a little pickier these days.