Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Columbus Day Adventure to The GREAT Pumpkin Patch

Husband started a new job at the beginning of the month with a lot less coming-and-going flexibility, so when he was off for Columbus Day we knew it might be our only weekday chance to go to the pumpkin patch together (it's cheaper on a weekday and MUCH less crowded).  And wow, it was fabulous.  Much like last year. (man, looking at those pictures and seeing how much the kids have grown ... crazy.)

Anyway, we did pretty much the exact same things as last year.  But this year Son was big enough to climb the huge inflatable slide AND the worker let Husband help him up the ladder until he got the hang of it.  Also, both kids got to ride ponies (TWICE.  heck, the rides were only $1 and THEY LOVED IT.)  Both kids picked ridiculously small pumpkins that they love.  

Daughter ... we spent 30 minutes watching the kids climb up and slide down.  They loved it.
Son, it may be hard to see but he has a HUGE grin on his face
He also has a huge grin on his face.  
the pot belly pigs were the only petting zoo animal the kids were very interested in.  There was a llama and you all know how we feel about llamas!
Son riding
Daughter riding

measuring tractor tire size

on the ride to the pumpkin patch
I love it when she makes this face.  Husband makes this face too.

zeroing in on the pumpkins

Son's pick

Daughter's choice

jumping in the hay is a favorite

MAN. she's fun.

waiting on the covered wagon 

"Hey guys, go sit with those pumpkins so I can take your picture."
Fun trip.  Lots of great memories made.


Husband said...

My favorite people doing what they do best, being crazy and having fun. Good times.

Nicki said...

Wow, they are getting so big! :)