Monday, October 17, 2011

October Sewing

Last Saturday, JSS, Marie and I (and our special guest, The Subway Tray) enjoyed a fun day of sewing.  I finished up some of my lined totes and zippered pouches I've been putting off for awhile and even crocheted a little.  

Marie working on a baby blanket.
JSS is making a FABULOUS Amy Butler bag. 
And her fabric choices make me even more excited to see the finished product!
One of the totes and pouches and the beginnings of a scarf
I used 2 fat quarter packs of the walmart precuts and two yards of yellow for the liners to make 7 totes and 7 matching zippered pouches.  WOW.  I love this fabric.  The black/grey/yellow/white combo.  fabulous.  PLUS, I also like the quality of the fabric.  I'm trying to decide on a quilt pattern to use this fabric for in the future.

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