Monday, October 24, 2011

The Remains of the Garden

The garden season is coming to a close.  No fall/winter garden for us.  Good news for the kids.  It means they get to dig and play and pretend plant until their hearts are content.  

Even though I always get that inevitable yearly garden fatigue when I just get sick of watering, picking and bug killing towards the end up August, I always bounce back and start to like the garden again right before the first hard frost hits.  and that is going to be happening soon.  

so, here's a last look at what the garden is offering my family in terms of food.

the last rogue carrot. Somehow it managed to not get picked when the rest of them did.  I noticed it last week and decided to let it stay.  (BTW, those short little carrots were pretty good.)

Son and Daughter's plants have EXPLODED with tomatoes again.  dozens and dozens of green tomatoes that probably won't survive long enough to ripen.

Some Juliets.  Man, I love these.  
I think it's weird that there are blooms on EVERY single tomato plant right now.  All 17 of them.  I hate that esp.  because I seem to have temporary amnesia and once again think that canning tomatoes is fun.  WHAT? seriously.

The red bell peppers are the only other things left.  And they have about 6 blooms on them too.  They've done pretty well even though I think I put them too close to the tomatoes for them to really have enough sunlight.  Next year, I'll space better.  I think I've gotten 6 peppers off and used them in omelets and spaghetti sauces.  They were pretty good.

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