Monday, October 3, 2011

Downstairs Improvement Part 4: The Hoop Tent in the Main Room

So, here's a little sneak peak of the main room, in the form of the Hoop Tent.  I got the idea from pinterest.  It's a quilting hoop, silk panels, string, a circle ring, a topper fabric and fishing line.  Seriously, the picture is beautiful.  And my first attempt to replicate it wasn't too shabby.  I used a quilting hoop ($3 after a coupon at Hobby Lobby), gifted curtains, a discarded shower curtain ring and fishing line.  I also used two throws we already had but didn't use and two more of those $2.50 pillows and green pillowcases from wal-mart.

The space.  It's hard to tell, but there's already a hook in the ceiling which is what gave me the idea in the first place.
I pinned the curtains to the wall for the main reason that I was afraid my kids, who have the reputation of playing hard, would tear them down.  (The door on the right is the double doors (former exterior doors) leading into the drywall room.)
The kids went crazy with excitement.  
Daughter squeezing my leg with excitement
"finished" I added some scrap fabric to the top to cover up the fishing line. THIS is Son's favorite thing downstairs.  
Even though the kids are in love, I'll tell ya, I'm not.  It just looks so bootleg to me.  My favorite part is the curtains.  I've decided that soon, I'm going to take it down and try again for a more polished look. I'm thinking  of dyeing the curtains for some added color to the room, and taking more care with hanging it.  Plus, putting a better fabric as the topper. Truthfully, I'd like to find a bigger hoop too, but so far 15 inches is the biggest I've come across.  There's room for improvement.

STAY TUNED: tomorrow is the grand finale - THE SEWING SPACE!

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