Friday, October 28, 2011

Skill Builder Sampler Blocks 13, 14, 15

These 3 blocks are probably my favorite collective 3.   Ever week when I sit down to choose fabrics for the block, I worry.  I worry that I'll run out of fabric.  So the first two made me excited because they used scraps that have been too small for other things. Blocks 13 and 14 came exclusively out of my scrap bag.  And Block 15 features two NEW fabrics.  Yes.  I was worried enough (and the fabric is still on clearance at and I wasn't sure how long until it was all gone) that I bought 4 more fabrics out of the collection that I didn't have yet.  Greens and browns.

Block 13 String Blocks
I made the "center strip" the main green fabric and  used lights for the inner pieces and darks for the outer pieces.  I made the entire center the "accent" non matching green and it looks a little different than I pictured in my head.  I think there is less contrast in the size of the 4 pieces than I wanted.  It almost looks like I wanted them to connect and make a diamond in the middle and just messed up.  eh. whatever. I still like it.
I really LOVED doing this.  I could probably make an entire quilt like this.  very fun.  Plus, it's my first non-knit paper piecing.
Block 14 Crazy Quilt Block
I made a rule for myself on this block.  I had to use every fabric I had, it had to come out of the scrap bag and  I had to cut it as little as possible.  I like the result.  (This was pre the new fabrics arriving in the mail) Also, it had a fabric foundation.  I used a scrap white I had because I didn't want any print to show through on the lighter fabrics.
two of my favorite "fancy stitches"  I used.  
Block 15: Diamond Dash
This one is one of my absolute favorites.  I think the only block I like better is my Churn Dash.  And this is called Diamond Dash.  I guess I have a thing for dashes.  ... (crickets) ...   Anyway, it was really easy plus I was proud of my points.  LOOK AT THOSE AWESOME POINTS!  seriously.  It's nice to see my skills improving a little in this process.  The diamonds are paper pieced.  And this is also the two new fabrics.  I have the designs in other colors but I wanted to add some brown to my selection.
I'm almost bummed this is an off week.  I've really enjoyed this series and they helped me get back in the groove of sewing.

After looking at these pictures, I'm rethinking my "take block pictures outside on the fence" idea. I think I can do better.

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