Friday, October 14, 2011

Sharing a nap? Sure. Sharing a room? not so much

Husband has this grand idea that our children would love to share a room and have bunk beds and love and kisses and puppies and butterflies and all that mushy stuff.   As someone who shared a room with her younger sister for about a decade, I'll tell you, I'm glad my kids have rooms of their own.  Personal spaces.  

Recently at nap time, Daughter asked if Son could stay in her room and sleep in her bed for nap time. Tight squeeze, but ok by me.  Just stay the bed.  If anyone gets out of the bed, it's over and Son goes back to his room.

Twenty minutes later they were both still awake.  Which is highly unusual.  But they were both still in the bed and just talking so I left them alone.  Soon after, Daughter came to tell me that she was ready for Son to go back to his room because she "needed some sleep."  Apparently, Son is a kicker.

OK.  The only problem was Son REALLY wanted to stay.  So, I asked Daughter if I brought Son's bed in, could he stay. 

Sure. That was acceptable.

He actually stayed in her bed.  I really appreciated how I told him not to get up and he didn't.  I wish he listened that well ALL the time.

tucked in and ready to sleep.  I should mention that Son usually sleeps with 4 pillows.  seriously.  He complained a little about his lack of pillows but did well.
An hour after nap time started they were FINALLY both asleep. Movers, the both of them.
After nap time, I asked Daughter if she wanted Son's bed to stay in her room so they could have a sleep over at bedtime.  Her answer? A resounding, "No, Thank You."


Jennifer said...

Evidentially your husband never had to share a room with a sibling. Hooray for rooms of their own!

Christy Ross said...

You're absolutely right. When he starts spouting this room sharing nonsense I always reply, "spoken like someone who never shared a room until it was a college dorm room."

Lee said...

As someone who shared a room with a sibling and now has kids sharing rooms, I say this in the nicest possible way-your husband is INSANE! I miss the separate bedrooms.

BTW-we tried the bunkbeds and ended up turning them into twin beds because I was too scared that someone would fall and break a limb in the middle of the night or the day for that matter.