Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Part 1: carving

Thursday was our pumpkin carving night.  The kids had a lot of fun.  At 4 and 2.5 they are definitely enjoying it more and more every year.  The original plan had been to just carve the 2 big pumpkins and leave the kids' two pumpkins whole and keep using their Mr. Potato like pieces to change their faces.  But once the carving began, ALL the pumpkins were offered up to be gutted.

Daughter taking a break from scooping goo

taking all 4 outside and checking them out from the front yard

Husband and Son's jack-o-lanterns

the next morning the kids wanted me to turn the pumpkins around so they could see the faces from the front door and windows.

I skirted around my long standing hatred for stencils and used a metal cooking cutter to  put 3 bats on mine.  The kids thought that was pretty cool.  And it looks good lit up too.

Daughter said for hers she was going to draw a face on paper and then Husband was going to put it on the pumpkin ... homemade stencil much?   WOW, doesn't he closely resemble Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas?  yes. yes, he does.

Son said he wanted his to look spooky.  And then gave him opinion on eyes and nose shape.
Husband's.  Looks goofy now but looks spooky lit up.
Fun times.  And I enjoyed the roasted seeds!

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