Sunday, January 30, 2011

70degrees in January = outdoor fun

Yesterday it was 70 (SEVENTY!!) degrees outside. Fabulous weather. Adventures to be had. Daughter has been asking about a picnic for a couple of weeks now so off we went.

Our adventure in pictures:

We packed our picnic lunch, a backpack with snacks and a spare diaper for Son, a huge thermos of ice water and off we went to Palisades Park.

Thanks to Lauren's Mommy, I looked for and found heart shaped sandwich cutters at wal-mart.

This is the first time the kids have EVER had a pouch drink. I thought it would be a fun novelty for the adventure and they LOVED it. (more then their heart shaped sandwiches actually)

I need to update the sidebar, huh? What a cute picture of Son.

and Daughter

we started off on the Trail of Trees and Son was very interested in knowing what all the trees were. or rather he was interested in flipping up the lid.

Daughter balancing on rocks

After we took this picture, Daughter ran up to Husband and said, "Mommy did not let go of me while I stood on a BIG rock and then she cheesed me."

checking out more trees

Husband showed the kids prints of horse shoes. After that, the adventure was on to catch up to the horses. When we lagged more than a few yards behind Daughter she would yell, "Come on team. We have horses to find."

Daughter standing on a stump with the man who looks just like her.

Son standing on a stump with a man who looks nothing like him.

"ride 'em cowboy!" -Daughter's anthem on the tree trunk
Son is still holding the cookie he got on our oranges/water/cookie break.

The only time I handed the camera to Husband.

Having a juice break after our hour long hike.
I'm telling you. firstly, yesterday was the first time they've NEVER had watered down juice. secondly, yesterday was the first time they've ever drank out of a pouch. thirdly, they loved it.
Later we asked Daughter what her favorite part of the day was and she said, "hiking and drinking apple juice."

jumping off a rock

that cleared off land behind Daughter is going to be the new home of a fabulous playground. Sure it's about 10 minutes further away from the park that's in walking distance to our house, but I'm excited about it.

Son with the Cat and the Hat. Daughter recognized him from the book but refused to get close enough for a picture.

the boys resting.
We had such a fun time. A definite bright spot in the middle of a winter when we don't get outside to play much.


laurensmommy said...

70 degrees?! Goodness...that is a perfect day for a picnic! Glad you liked the heart-shaped sandwhich cutters :)

I laughed and laughed at ROS saying "come on team"!

Your kiddos are getting so big!

Jennifer said...

That pic of you and ROS is great. It needs a frame!

Wasn't the spring day fabulous? Jacob got to try out his new swing. I wish it would stick around!

bpeterson said...

I love that picture of you and Ryland! Her hair is getting so long! And Finn's JC shirt is pretty fabulous too.