Sunday, January 23, 2011

The fears of Blue Bear

This is Daughter with her dear friend Blue Bear. She picked Blue Bear out at Wal-Mart when she was 16 months old(in the Valentine's Day section). He was the very first stuffed animal she ever showed any interest in and she hugged him for the remainder of that store trip.
He's her constant companion. He used to have to go with us whenever we left the house, but now his attendance is more sporadic. They do sleep together every night and he even has his own blanket.

Daughter will tell us when she and Blue Bear are hungry, want to play a game, need to potty etc. She definitely uses him as an extension and a way to express her own thoughts and desires. As in "Mommy, Blue Bear and I would like some popcorn. We're very very hungry."

A few days ago we had this actual conversation:
Daughter: Mommy, Blue Bear is a little scared
ME:What's Blue Bear scared of?
Daughter: Noises.
ME: What kind of noises is Blue Bear scared of?
Daughter: Fire trucks and the wind make Blue Bear scared.

[time out: the night before this she woke us up at 4am bc wind was rushing down her chimney and rattling the fireplace grate. IMO, it's an irritating noise but not scary. But it scared her and now she was telling me it scared Blue Bear. Previous sirens have woken her up and she's expressed concerns about that. I decided to address the fire trucks since she mentioned it first]

ME: Well, Blue Bear you know that when you hear a fire truck it means heroes are on their way to help someone in trouble. Fire trucks come to the rescue. You shouldn't be afraid. They are helpers.
Daughter: Mommy, Blue Bear can't talk. He's just a bear.



Anonymous said...

she looks so grown

Lee said...

Duh mom! Everyone knows blue bears can't talk. =)

bpeterson said...

LOVE the logic involved here! Thanks for making me smile at work this am!

Tiffany Lopez said...

LOVE that!

when i was a kid, my dad had appendicitis and i had to stay for a few days with my aunt and uncle, who had no kids. i had this rabbit that i took everywhere and i don't remember using it as an extension as much as i used it for entertainment. like i would make up these elaborate stories about the rabbit and his adventures.

so while at their house, i was talking about how the rabbit missed this or that and my aunt said "well you know, if mr. rabbit wants to go visit home, we could take him there and maybe you could go too?" and i said "you know we're talking about a stuffed animal and not me, right?"