Sunday, January 9, 2011

SNOW on Sunday night

We had a white Christmas, but we stayed in the house and played with new toys. Daughter didn't even care. But, wow, she does love snow.

Yesterday we went to wal-mart and bought 2 toddler sized pairs of $15 rubber boots. (wow, that's a lot of money. It's definitely the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes for the kids) I was also not wanting to pay that much for rubber boots. eh. Last year Daughter wore her socks and shoes, then I put my socks over them. THEM, I put her feet in zip lock bags. THEN I duct taped the bags so she'd have traction. THAT was a process I didn't really want to repeat. $15, I sucked it up.

well, WE GOT SNOW and lots of it. (and it is still coming)

It started just after dinner and I decided to skip Desperate Housewives, brew some coffee and sit on the porch and watch it. After about 5 minutes I decided that was pretty selfish. We dressed the kids and they had a fantastic 30 minutes outside. Seriously, why did they have to wait until tomorrow? There's snow now, let's play NOW!

The very first thing Daughter did was lie down and make a snow angel. (Husband taught her how to do that during last year's snow. And last week, she taught Son in the kitchen)

a very toddler friendly snowball fight.

tomorrow we'll try for a picture where all four eyes are open.
I was wearing some of my Alaska gear: cuddle duds, socks, boots and jacket
Husband just wore his jacket and gloves.

Daughter throwing snow at me.

Son, getting snow off the car

running, jumping, and playing.
they both kept looking up and smiling.

Daughter proclaimed she loved the snow!
(and didn't want to come in "because we don't see snow much")

my boot print and one of the kids rubber boot prints.
$30 well spent, I've decided.

even the cat joined the fun. He ran up and down the hill with the kids and dug in the snow while the kids scooped it up in their hands. (yes, he has a warm place to sleep)
tomorrow I'm going to duct tape Daughter's gloves to her jacket so she doesn't get snow up her sleeves. And liberal amounts of lotion on their faces. But other than that, I was pleased with how they were dressed.

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laurensmommy said...

looks like fun! i can't believe how much snow Alabama got!!