Monday, January 10, 2011

SNOW on Monday

We got very little more snow overnight. I think our county was reporting 4-6 inches. Fun was had today. We were outside for a little over TWO HOURS. And I'm happy to report when we came back in a stripped the kids down, the only things that were cold and wet were their hands (cotton gloves) and their faces (lotioned but completely unexposed). Something like that makes me feel like not so bad of a parent. At least I can keep them dry and warm. All decked out in our Alaska gear, Husband and I were ready. (except for the jeans. I need some waterproof pants. maybe a ski bib)

Son. I found his gloves for today. Last night he was in mittens.

wow, I love this man. Here he reminds me of a man I went to Alaska with about 4 years ago.

all four eyes open. but weird lighting. oh well, can't win them all.

"Look Mommy, I found dis icy snow."

some of our icicles.

Instead of playing on the yard, Husband wanted to go for a walk. Daughter wanted to see what the Library looked like with snow on it. We were gone for over an hour!

Son fell down a lot because the very top of the snow froze into ice last night. Bless his heart. He looked like a turtle helpless on its back. except he was on his stomach. He tried to crawl a few times but later gave that up and just called for help.

we made it to the library.

the parking lot and across the street

Daughter tried to slide down the hill.

"nee need help. nee need help."
while he's holding his ice.

pneumonia boy's legs definitely look skinnier. But I'm glad he's well.

Daughter found an icicle on a mailbox. She said, "I love this ice. It just like a sucker."

eating ice became a theme late in our trip. I guess I should have grabbed a sippy cup.
Baby Cat is standing on the other side of the fence. I was so glad he was nice and warm when we came outside this morning.

I made the mistake of telling Daughter we'd make a whole family of snowmen. unfortunately this is the only one we've made so far. of course, after he was made and it was time to come in the house, Daughter threw a toddler fit and screamed, "We've only made a [Son] snowman! We still have to make a Mommy snowman, Daddy snowman, [Daughter] snowman and Gracie snowman."
yes, apparently the cat gets its own snowman and we have to go back out this evening to build them all. Maybe I can do a little bargaining on this. Or maybe I'll help make a three year old's day. Seriously, she loves snow.

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