Monday, January 10, 2011

snow family 2010

Before I could even get the morning blog posted, Daughter asked me about going outside to finish the family. eh, why not? sure. Son was still asleep. I woke up Husband and the three of us got dressed and I gathered up hats and scarves for the remaining family members. Out we went.

Daughter snowman

Mommy snowman
Daddy snowman

The whole family.

some bok choy did not get picked before the snow

"Yay, we're finished."
"Wait, Mommy. Someting missing. What about Gracie E Girl snowman?"
"Ok, we'll make one for Gracie. But she's asleep so it'll be a small one."
yes, the cat is included in the snowman family. Actually, I was just glad that she picked that time to forget we also have two dogs, a turtle and two stray outside cats. I'm also glad that she accepted that that little mound of snow was actually a snow representation of our grey cat.

another weirdly colored picture. or maybe we just really look like that. hmmm

After we finished the family, Daughter wanted to build a snowman "up, up, up and away" that she could knock down. packing the knockdown snowman.

The snow family, with the snow cat. See that little brown thing on the left side of Daddy snowman? That's Daughter sitting on the ground eating snow. She wanted us to leave her out there to keep playing.

I don't think so, kid. Finish your snow. It's time to go in the house.
we switched to waterproof mittens for the snow family building. worked out well.

After she knocked Knock Down snowman down we had a fun snowball fight to the point where my jeans were soaked from rolling around on the snow. Husband got pretty wet too. That was when we decided it really WAS time to come in!

So fun. I hate that Son missed it, but it was great for Daughter!
p.s. I used chocolate chips for the snowman family faces. I do not regret getting some of the chocolate out of the house in a manner that is not down my throat.

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Tiffany Lopez said...

LOVE IT! The snow family has to be part of your family christmas card next year!