Saturday, January 22, 2011

All things big boy bed related

Sunday, Husband assembled Son's big boy bed. We've been talking to him about it for at least a month (since he's been able to climb in and out of his crib by himself !!!!!!!) He's been telling us that, yes, he does want a bed like his sister's. The day he tried to take a nap in her bed we believed him and Husband got to work.

The first time he saw it after assembly. He climbed right in. Look at that grin!

Daughter came to give it her seal of approval

He climbed in his crib one more time for old time's sake.
THREE times this week after nap time I found him asleep in his room in/on something that was not his big boy bed! The first time, he dumped out the clean cloth diaper laundry I hadn't put away yet, put in his pillow and fell asleep in a laundry basket. The second time, he pulled his changing pad off the changing table and fell asleep on that. And the last time, he pulled all his extra linens out of the cabinet of his changing table and slept on them.

WOW oh WOW, I wish I would've taken at least one picture of one day. But he woke up all three times in a horrible mood. So the camera was forsaken for cuddles.

He does great at bedtime. Hasn't gotten out of bed once (or if he did, he didn't leave his room). I figure it must be a light thing. At night he can't see to get out of bed and play and during nap time he can.

Thursday was breakthrough day where nap time was concerned. He actually slept in his bed and woke up in a great mood. Imagine that!

He's also taken a sudden interest in reading. So after he requests that I read his current favorite books (3 times each) he goes to his bed and looks at them a little more.

That silly Olivia. Always doing something.

I don't have a pillowcase that even remotely matches his bedding. (what's covering it now is his extra fitted sheet just wrapped around it) So I have loose plans to find some coordinating fabric for a pillowcase or two. There's always the possibility of using the crib skirt. I'll use it for something, I just don't know if it'll be pillowcases yet. I'll have to see what I can cook up. And finally put that sewing machine of my mom's that I borrowed over a month ago to some good use!

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laurensmommy said...

love seeing your big boy in his bed! Lauren used to be more active during nap time, I solved that by doubling over a black flat sheet and clothespinning it to the blinds in her room. (yes, I know they make black-out drapes...but I didn't want to spend $30) It works great. :)

Guess it's time for you to have another baby so you can put that crib to good use! :)