Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our seeds arrived!

Our seeds from the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds arrived Friday. It was just what I needed to jump start GARDEN 2011 EXCITEMENT! This is our second year to get their catalog but only the first year to order.

Here's what we picked out:

The carrots were a free gift and after reading their description, I definitely think we can grow them in our garden. So that's a fun little treat.

Last year, I put some seeds in the ground from a packet labeled cucumbers. What grew was not cucumbers but some mystery vegetable. Later identified as butternut squash. We both really loved how easy it was to grow and maintain. Plus we love butternut squash. So we decided to grow it again. Only this year we'd actually pick the seeds and not use surprise seeds.

Last year I wrote a lot about the squash. We had 4 plants and it grew and grew and grew and produced like crazy. We liked the taste or the variety but didn't love it. Then it got infested with squash bugs and I wrestled with pulling it up prematurely. This year, I decided to only have 2 squash plants and to plant this variety. I'm hoping I don't experience summer squash fatigue again!

Husband requested fennel and picked out this one. We haven't grown fennel before, but it was the only seed packet that we could actually SMELL. And it was amazing. There's high hopes for this buggers.

This is another high hope packet. We're replacing our Stupices with these Jersey Giants. I picked them because they're supposed to be high producers with big fruits with few seeds. I'm hoping when pair with the Juliets, there will be lots and lots of canning to do. Last year definitely gave me "canning courage" and I'm preparing to jump in and do as much as I can! We're actually making our own cages for them too. I'm excited about that also.

These are the cucumbers we picked. Last year we ended up not having any (because of the butternut squash) so I'm excited about growing them again.

Lastly another Husband pick. Rhubarb. ugh, I'm a little wary to these. Why? The leaves and roots are poisonous. And it's not recommended to grow them where there's the possibility that small children or animals could accidentally eat the leaves. Now, our kids have never eaten leaves before but seriously, better safe than sorry. I'm lobbying to hold off on these for another couple of years.
We've got our saved seeds from last year: The Juliet Tomatoes, The Japenese Eggplant (not sure if we'll grow these yet), The Star of David Okra and the Livingston Musk Melons.

We also still have to get basil and mint plants for our containers. Plus we're getting a tommy toe tomato plant for the kids. I don't know what you call the little baby tomatoes (like cherry tomatoes) but we've always called them tommy toes. Son loved the ones at my parents house this year so we're getting one for here this year. Plus, we'll get some onion bulbs, space permitting.

I'm not bothering with potatoes, garlic, greens, broccoli or peppers this year. Or that's the decision at least for now.

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