Monday, September 26, 2011

A 4 Year Old's Birthday Adventure

Friday night Husband and I stayed up late and he made/created/decorated a Peppa Pig cake and I decorated the dining room with as many balloons as I could blow up and as much crepe paper as I could hang.  And when she walked in Saturday morning for her breakfast party, Daughter was ecstatic.  After "Happy Birthday" was sung and candles blown out and birthday cake eaten and presents opened and played with, Husband got dressed to head to Tuscaloosa for the game and the kids and I got dressed to pick up Nanny and head to the zoo.

The Peppa Pig cake.  I HATE HATE HATE when Husband says he's not creative.  Look at this cake! Are you kidding me?  amazing. If you're familiar with Peppa, you know, this is spot on.
this was about half way through the decorating process.   I blew up 30 balloons and used 2 rolls of crepe paper.
Daughter drawing on her mini-magnadoodle that Son picked out
Son loved that Peppa's shoes were made of nutella
The kids wanted to pose with Big Al and Aubie. And that mostly happened.
SIDE NOTE:  I was amused the whole day.  Son wore his bama hat and sunglasses ALL day.  People would come up to him and say "Roll Tide" and he was terrified these strangers were getting in his personal business and yelling at him.  Fortunately, I didn't start a brawl in the zoo and we usually just ignored these people and kept walking.  He has no clue what that means.  That and "War Eagle" are not phrases we encourage our kids to say.  They don't even know names of teams.  We say "Mommy's team" and "Daddy's team" and talk about teams in terms of their colors and mascots.  Son wears "that red hat" as he calls it, because his daddy also wears a red hat.

On the lion
her favorite, the zebra
We walked through the petting zoo but it was lunch time so we couldn't really pet the animals.  And that was fine by Son.  On the way out he said, "dat llama not 'pit on me dis time. I stay 'way from him." 

Daughter, mid roar.  They were more interested in the plywood lion they could stick their head through than The Royal Family <-- a lion family - mom, dad and at least 3 babies
playing the drums
Daughter loves zebras but today she only looked at the zebras for about  30 seconds because they smelled horrible.  "Mommy, these zebras smell like old socks dipped in the ocean."  yes, thanks Peppa Pig. So she loved seeing this non-smelly picture of a zebra
my mom is the worst photographer I know.  seriously, I was looking at the camera and that was good enough for her.
We had such a fun trip to the zoo.  The weather was amazing and the kids had a fantastic time.  I'm glad my mom was able to go because it would've been a lot harder without her there.  After the zoo we went to Nabeel's for lunch and Daughter ate, ate and ate tzatziki. Well, Son did too.  It was mom's first time there and she enjoyed it too.  

The best  part of the entire day:
Husband: night night, pea pie. I love you
Daugther: night night, Daddy. I love you
Husband: happy birthday.
Daughter: hap ... Daddy will you go away.  I want to tell myself Happy Birthday
Husband: ok, night night.
Daughter in a whisper: Happy Birthday, Ryland.  It was a great day.


Rita Bird said...

Kudos to JPS for Peppa Pig.

Our house is full of Peppa Pig lovers and he did a fantastic job.

Husband said...

So happy she had a great day. Love that kid.

Lauren said...

Okay, it was all cute and great, but "Happy Birthday Ryland"? Priceless. If Tim and I have children, know that you and your family will have single-handedly convinced us to do so.

TL said...

1 - agree with everything lauren said

2 - i love, love, love that she had a private conversation with herself at the end of the day. oh my gosh. wow.

Mandy Mc said...

What a fun, fun, fun day! The cake was amazing, the decorating was amazing, and, of course, the kid is amazing.

Southern sinner said...

I LOVE the last part!!!