Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Treasures from the past

Over the last few weeks, Husband and I have been cleaning up and cleaning out our entire downstairs.  We're talking a finished space that's 5 rooms and about 900 square feet that we have just been wasting but much more on that later.  

Anyway, the cellar is the room where the hot water heater is and various old stuff gets stored there.  All my college notes, my two door sized windows from Jewett, all my jewel cases for my hundreds of cds,  Husband's old dishes from before I moved in, all the Christmas stuff, old campaign signs, all the kids stuff they outgrow and MOST of my Husband's childhood toys and trophies.  Including about 15 wrestling "action figures"   seriously.  When Husband was cleaning up and reorganizing the cellar, he gathered up his wrestlers and threw them in the dishwasher to clean them so he could introduce his wrestlers to the kids.

all cleaned up and ready.  This is everyone but King Kong Bundy -- they've already been playing with him for years.

here's a crazy green tongued guy who's name I don't know and Hulk Hogan in the background

Daughter was amazed.

Son was too.  He kept asking, "who dat? who dat?  He for me?"  

They've been carrying them around ever since.  Son loves to pick out a wrestler and start at his feet pointing out all his clothes and what colors they are and all his body parts.  He loves the ones without shirts because they have belly buttons, a favorite body part in our house.  And those wrestlers have been on all sorts of adventures.  Safaris, airplane rides, trips through the sticky mud.  It's hilarious all the games they think of to include their wrestlers in.


Jennifer said...

How about my husband also have a bag full of wrestlers that he can't wait for Jacob to be old enough to play with? Boys are so weird!

Jose said...

The guy with the blue-green tongue is George "The Animal" Steele. He his trademarks included the blue tongue, extensive body hair and chewing on the stuffing of the padding on the ringside corners.

Nicki said...

@Jose, and don't forget his on-screen infatuation with the late Miss Elizabeth.