Monday, September 19, 2011

Muffin Tin Lunch

To celebrate their new thrift store table and chairs, the kids got to eat lunch at it (well, and most lunches since.) BTW, I'm loving this new-to-us wooden Dora table.  It's quite durable. and $6 for the table and 2 yellow little tikes chairs -- um, I couldn't pass that up. I'd love to have more childless time to explore our 3 in-town thrift stores.  I love finding good deals.  Maybe I'll start going Saturday mornings now that football has started.

I wish, wish wish, we had two 6 hole muffin tins, so each kid had their own "plate." But we only have a 12 and our walmart only has a 12.  So the search continues.  And they shared well.

Anyway, they had garden tomatoes, apple slices, mandarin orange slices, carrots, celery and cheese sticks sliced up so they fit in the tins.  And because my kids cannot eat celery or carrots without it, dip in their own bowls.  And when I say DIP, I just mean Ranch Dressing.  Nothing fancy here, folks.

I was pleased with how lunch turned out.  They ate a little more than normal and a much bigger variety of healthy foods than normal.  Usually it's a sandwich and a fruit or something similar.  a main thing and one fruit or vegetable side.

If only I had an equally healthy lunch! I think I had a couple of handfuls of raw almonds and a handful of reece's peices.


Melissa said...

Have you tried a local dollar store (DG, Dollar Tree, etc?) They may have one of the 6 opening trays. Just a thought.

Lee said...

Reese pieces are not healthy?

laurensmommy said...

What a good deal on the table/chairs! We have some great stores like that here as well...but I am not taking Lauren for fear of her grabbing everything in there!

Have you seen the website for "Muffin Tin Monday?" They have some great inspiration for what to put in those muffin tins (although yours is great!)

And I found some silicone-type material muffin tins at Target a while back for about $2. They held up pretty well. And like Melissa said, I'd definitely try the dollar stores if you are in search for one with 6 "holes".