Thursday, September 29, 2011

Downstairs Improvement Part 3: The Boring Drywall Room

I think, by far, this room was the biggest job.  It's also the weirdest room in the house.  The previous homeowners planned on it being some weird little extra kitchen for downstairs. It's fitted with water fixtures for a full sink and wired with electrical lines to support a full sized stove/oven and fridge.  And there are a DOZEN wall outlets. Weird, I tell you.  Esp because all you'd have to do is walk about 50 steps to your right and up a flight of stairs and you'd be in a fully furnished amazing kitchen.  They never installed any of the kitchen things though and for that I'm grateful.

Like I mentioned earlier, there was a lot of water damage to be fixed in this room.  And Husband was set to do it himself.  And he did.  Well, it's not finished yet, so I guess I should say, "He will."

I really have no clue how much anything for this room cost except for the two sheets of drywall.  That was a total of $12.  I know he also got drywall putty, drywall nails and drywall sandpaper. But I don't know how much is cost.  

The biggest hole to patch and the hardest because he had to work around an A/C duct. The brick on the right is because this room was an add-on. The brick wall used to be the entrance to downstairs. Dry walling a ceiling = hard.

Two smaller holes and an electrical line we've got to do something with

From left to right, the current downstairs door to outside, the half bathroom and the smallest patched hole.

the last hole

Husband cleaning up the dry wall installation mess.
There's still some work left to do in this room.  The drywall putty needs to be sanded.  The ceiling, walls, door casings and baseboards need to be painted.  And the floors will probably need to be painted because right now it is a different color than the rest of the downstairs.  It looks like we'll only need ceiling paint and wall paint, so that's nice.  Plus, we need to replace the blinds on the exterior door and I have plans to paint that door white to match the other doors.

But Husband is gone for work about 60 hours a week and it's college football season.  He'll get it finished when he gets it finished.  Our plan for this room is mainly just storage.  I'm thinking the Christmas stuff and some things from the shed in the yard, like the kids' wagon and a couple of other riding toys.  We definitely won't be turning it into a weird second kitchen!

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