Monday, September 12, 2011

I love: No Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix

And even more than my love for No Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix is my love for the dear friend that introduced me to it.  sigh.  We go way back. And I trust her completely especially when it comes to the important things in life. Like no guilt chocolate, for example.

just add VANILLA YOGURT.   no, seriously.  JUST add vanilla yogurt
I hate all things DIET.  I hate the word.  I hate diet colas, I hate reduced fat or fat free anything and everything.  seriously, I don't waste my time on any of that.  I'd rather have a piece of fruit and a glass of lemon water than fat free cheez-its and a diet coke. 2% milk is the closest thing to "diet" that you'll ever see me willingly touch.

So, why, you ask, do I like these fat free brownies?  Well, for starters they taste great -- absolutely no chalking, bitter, reduced calorie taste involved. Second, and this is just as important, they aren't very rich.  I can eat a brownie and not feel like I need a half gallon of milk to wash it down.  It's light and really tastes like chocolate.

Also, my third favorite reason I love these things, is you can make single servings in the microwave in about a minute.   SUPER.  You don't want to bake a whole pan of brownies even if they are fat free?  grab a ramecan or another microwave safe dish and 1 minute later ... you have a brownie.

sigh.  I love Tina and I love No Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix.  Now I just have to find them so I can buy my own!


TL said...

have you looked on amazon grocery?

Christy Ross said...

I haven't checked anywhere yet. I guess it's too much to ask that the pantry fairy just magically delivers it every couple of months to a designated spot in on the shelf.

Tina said...

I share your philosophy on the d word. Hate it. But those brownies I love. I'm so glad you enjoyed them.

And! According to their website you can find them at these fine retailers:
Winn Dixie
Super Target
Piggly Wiggly
Food World
Southern Family Markets
Harris Teeter
Food Lion

Seeing the list of names makes me miss diversity in grocery shopping. I have two that I can shop at with out skeeving out. One large and evil and the other smaller, amazing but hella expensive.