Thursday, September 8, 2011

the Kent State Game

I love college football.  Not the same way my husband loves college football, but I love it.  I like to watch it on television and I love watching it in the stadium.  Even if that means I have to go and cheer for a team that's not "mine."  It's worth it.  Right before the National Anthem, I told Husband I was getting a little choked up waiting to see the eagle fly, but then I remembered where I was and sobered up.

Anyway, it was also a fabulous way to get to spend some time with my husband when no one was asking for more drink, food, this toy, those crayons, or otherwise bothering interrupting us.

standing in line to enter the stadium.  the only reason I included this picture is because of my hair.  It's SUPER DUPER curly.  I rag rolled it the night before and used this spray to set it.  um, the curls held until I brushed them out on MONDAY.  My most useful and possibly cheapest pinterest find.  It's helping me decide to keep the hair long.

It's always a fabulous surprise when I remember that our pediatrician is the voice of The Million Dollar Band.  neat, huh? 

I love college football.  seriously. especially SEC football

the only real excitement of the game: The police came to investigate a possible counterfeit ticket problem a couple of rows behind us.  But after checking their manual and scratching the tickets it was determined that people were just taking up more than their ticketed seats and would have to sit closer together.
It was a fun game.  The weather wasn't too bad (hot but overcast and breezy) and I managed to get a sunburn on the only part of my body I didn't put sunscreen -- my forehead.  I look silly.  And the man who has tickets in front of ours, bought me a frozen lemonade when he got one for his wife and himself.  He just made my day. (incidentally, his first wife, who died 4 years ago was a Judson girl.  So we always mention it when greeting each other).  And that was his 470th Alabama football game to attend ...  want anymore useless tidbits about the elderly man who sits in front of us?  :-)

Husband is trying to peer pressure me into going to 3 more games.  One of which happens to be on Daughter's 4th birthday.  So, I nixed my attendance on that one, but the other 2 are still open to negotiation.

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laurensmommy said...

Ok, first of all, I'm loving the curly hair!!

Second, I think it's sweet that you go to AL games with your husband! Jason is a DEVOTED, very SERIOUS Alabama fan, and when we got married I just "converted" (seeing as how I grew up cheering for FSU and Lord knows he wasn't letting me watch that in our house! ha!)

I have really come to love SEC football, and Alabama games are awesome; if we lived closer, we'd definitely go to more. How cool that your ped is the voice of the best band ever?! :)

Roll Tide!