Thursday, September 15, 2011


It does not matter that I THINK there are no non-washable crayons in the house, there always seems to be some somewhere. (sigh) Seriously, if you buy my kids non-washable crayons - you're on my "I don't like you" list.  
Notice Daughter pointing to Son's latest masterpiece
It drives me crazy whenever the topic of crayons on walls come up and people start screaming "MAGIC ERASER."  Guess what ... in my house, on my walls, Magic Eraser is almost as effective as water and a rag.  Apparently, I have super non-responsive wall or some other such garbage.  But I have never been able to get Magic Eraser to get ANYTHING off my walls.  (except washable crayon -- but well, water and a rag gets off washable crayon and it's hella cheaper)

Anyway, I was just resolved to the fact that we were going to have to repaint the walls and cut off Son's hands so he couldn't color on the walls anymore (completely joking about chopping my son's hands off. maybe.)

Then I remembered this great stuff that I bought to clean up a fantastic cabinet that my Pawpaw built for me when I was about Daughter's age.  Growing up, I definitely didn't treat this amazing piece of furniture with the respect it deserved and when I moved in with Husband, it needed a deep deep clean to get off years of crayon, glitter paint, puff paint, chalk and all the other stuff I did to it.  So this stuff has been under our kitchen sink for 5 years, completely forgotten about.

The only downside to Goof Off! (and it tells you on the list of things it removes) is wall paint is susceptible to it's magic removing ability.  Some of our wall paint faired much better than others.  The paint in Daughter's room was completely unphased, the red paint in the dining room didn't care.  Our pantry cabinets that fell victim to a tragic sharpie accident a couple of years ago sang with JOY with they were cleaned (well, that was me singing). The living room walls were the only walls that we really had to be careful with.  We ended up using a q-tip so we only got the crayon.

All our walls look great now.  Not a crayon mark in sight.  And so far, no ones hands have had to be removed.  I love GOOF OFF!

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