Thursday, September 1, 2011

HUGE zippered pouch

On the same page as the reversible tote tutorial is a tutorial for a matching lined zippered pouch.  I've never done a zipper before but I was ready to give it a try.

Again, I deviated because the pouch is HUGE and I also used interfacing on the lining for more body.

Here's how the pouch ended up being so HUGE.  I've never paid much attention to zipper packaging before and when I picked up a green zipper and its packaging was 8 inches long, I assumed the zipper was 8 inches long.  nay.  it was FOLDED.  And actually 11 inches.  wow.  

NOTE TO SELF: pay attention.

Sure, I could have cut the zipper down.  There were instructions right on the package.  I could have done it.  But I decided to stick with the theme of HUGE and make a huge pouch.  I used 2 of the .99 fat quarters, one for the outside and one for the lining, plus the zipper, interfacing and white thread.

My materials.  That white roll at the top is the fusible interfacing.  

finished.  I wish I would have ironed the zipper flat before I started.  There's a noticeable crease where it was folded for packaging.

filled with scissors, rotary cutter and cell phone.  I could have easily put all my makeup, full sized tooth brush, paste and deodorant in there.  And maybe still had room for a small child.  HUGE.
I think the final dimensions are around 11x8.

The zipper wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.  Mainly, because the tutorial did a really good job of explaining and showing each step and I read carefully and took my time.

Now I can mark off "use the zipper foot" on my list of things to do with the new machine.  Button holes are pretty much all that's left.


Jennifer said...

Buttons are easier than zippers! If you have the long white button foot, it's super easy! Do it.

Tina said...