Thursday, September 22, 2011

September Saturday Sewing

After missing last month's sewing, I was ready to head south and sew sew sew with my friends.  This was definitely my most productive trip yet.  I finished a throw sized quilt front and almost finished a second.  Then I took a break and broke out the yarn and crocheted a little while watching the very disappointing Auburn game.
Here's what everyone was busy doing:
Kim's new husband.  I love the fabric.
My scarf.  This is Jiffy by Lion Brand that I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  Score.  This is also my current favorite pattern.  It's just single crochet and chains.  Super easy. (sorry, no pictures of the quilt.  I'm keeping them on the DL for now) 
SDJ saving The Judson money by replacing a zipper on academic regalia.

Heather making bibs. I love the dog fabric.

Marie binding her baby quilt.  I'm going to be excited to see this finished.  It looks great so far.  (Marie, you  looked like a constipated fish  so I cropped out your face.  I must get better at waiting until people are ready before I take their picture.)

Mandy working on a crayon roll.  And now she has me interested in making some for the kids. She used my machine while I took the crochet break and she can verify that my sudden increase in quality is due almost entirely to this machine.

JSS's baby quilt is ready to bind.
I really love how she straight stitched the border.  I'm such a big fan of the quilting process and how it really adds to a quilt.  It definitely gives added dimension and interest.
Plus, we got to ooh and ahh over two very precious babies.  Great sewing trip indeed.

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