Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Downstairs Improvement Part 2: The half bathroom

 The half bathroom was the smallest project in terms of it being the smallest space we worked on, but the biggest in terms of how much it needed done.  It had a toilet and a pedestal sink and that's all.  bare drywall, bare concrete and no other fixtures (besides the light).

Luckily, this job ended up being pretty inexpensive too.  I painted the door (which was beige), the door casing and the ceiling with the same white I used in the under-the-stairs-room.  Only time will tell if we should have shelled out extra money for "ceiling paint" but I think it's completely fine.  I painted the walls the same blue that is in the under-the-stairs room.  And a little of the floor paint purchased for the main room was used on the floor.  Total cost thus far?  zero.

To finish the room, I bought a small white trash can for $2, a mirror for over the sink for $10, a towel ring for $6, a hand towel for $3, a bottle of hand soap for $2, a toilet paper caddy that holds 3 rolls for $8, 4 8X10 picture frames to hang some of the kids' art for $2 each and $4 worth of shoe.

Total spent: under $45
Just like with the under-the-stairs-room, I still have to get baseboards to finish the room.  But it's not an immediate need.

naked drywall
I like the pedestal sink but the lack of storage meant that I needed shelves or something for the toilet paper that held more than one roll. And I wasn't too keen on shelves.
toddler art.  The two on the left are Daughter's and the two on the right are Son's.  Both kids got really excited when we showed them the bathroom and they recognized their art.
Every time I go in the bathroom, I think the mirror is too far away from the sink, but  when Husband stands in front of the sink, it has to be that high to be able to see the top of his head in the mirror. Buying a longer mirror isn't very important now, but I might upgrade it one day and bring the smaller one upstairs for something.
Again, I'm pretty proud of the work in this room, because aside from hanging the towel ring, I did it all.  The sink is short/small enough that Daughter can reach the water knobs and the soap by herself, and she thinks that's fantastic.


TL said...

so impressed with all your work! i know this takes a lot of time and energy, and you powered through it so quickly! KUDOS!

Mandy Mc said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I've been awaiting the next installment of the "downstairs improvement." :-)